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PRE-ORDER 10 COPIES & Redeem 6 Valuable Tools & Trainings:


1. HEARTI® Leader Quotient Assessment

A data-driven assessment informed by machine learning to determine an individual’s readiness for modern leadership. The HEARTI®: Leader Quotient assesses the six core traits foundational to leading in today’s complex world: humility, empathy, accountability, resiliency, transparency, and inclusivity. In just ten minutes, you’ll answer questions identifying how you show up as a modern leader. Unlike typical leadership assessments, HEARTI® is not a psychological profile. HEARTI® doesn’t ask about your ideas and beliefs, HEARTI® asks what you DO as a modern leader. HEARTI® helps leaders understand how they show up for others.

2. Personalized HEARTI® Report

Upleveling your impact starts with understanding where you are on the continuum of 21st-century leadership. Are you unready? Evolving? Best-in-class? This custom report accompanies your personal answers from the HEARTI® Quotient assessment. The content within gives you practical tools and resources to develop your 21st-century leadership skills, including your HEARTI®: Leader Spectra—a visual representation of your HEARTI® score.


3. Modern Leaders' Playbook: Tips, Tools, and Tactics for Leading in the New World of Work

As a precursor to Intentional Power, this digital e-book gives insights and actionable tips to make you become a more effective leader in the new world of work. The dynamic changes impacting today’s workplace require a new leadership model that enables leaders at every level to survive and thrive. And not just thrive for their own benefit but so they can create a meaningful impact for themselves, their teams, their companies, and the world at large.


This playbook will help you meet this extraordinary moment and become the leader we all need.


The Modern Leader’s Playbook will provide you with the following:

  • Insight into a new model of leadership, HEARTI®,  that meets the realities of the new world of work;

  • Leadership to